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Creative Communication

CreativeCom is a digital creative agency that is currently perfecting their online presence. We focus on creating digital experiences aimed at building strong emotional connections.


Ux design
The previous version of CreativeCom's website was designed with the goal of appealing to a 21st-century audience, particularly at the dawn of technology startups. This approach was emblematic of the burgeoning digital era, catering to an audience deeply engaged with technological innovations and the rapid growth of digital businesses.
However, with the evolving digital landscape, CreativeCom has reevaluated its strategy. We are now ready to embrace a broader vision, moving beyond their initial focus. This shift represents a significant evolution in our journey, as we aim to tackle more ambitious goals and expand our horizons in the digital domain.


CreativeCom's original website concept compared the company to alien intelligence imparting key wisdom upon Earth. The unconventional paid off, bringing the CreativeCom an in-depth following of customers looking for something different and ahead of its time. This strategy established this way not only a unique player in the digital domain but also helps into gaining the valuable experiences and top-tier customers.

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Engaged in a fully remote endeavor, an international team extends its reach from Middle East to Europe