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Grilica Law

GrilicaLaw is a Slovenia and Switzerland-based international legal agency offering services in crypto and VASPs, corporate law, intellectual property, tax law, startups and IT, immigration, dispute resolution, criminal law, mediation, and real estate. They focus on providing online, location-independent legal services with a boutique approach. Their team specializes in cross-border legal solutions.


Ux design
CreativeCom set out to create a state-of-the-art website for Grilica Law, a firm known for its innovative legal practices in Crypto and Intellectual Property Law. This project aimed to do more than just enhance the visual appeal; it sought to digitally represent Grilica Law's cutting-edge approach and commitment to technological advancement in the legal sector.
The strategy involved designing a modern, user-friendly website with interactive elements like dynamic infographics and video content to simplify complex legal topics. Key features included AI-driven chat support, showcasing Grilica Law's use of technology for improved client service and positioning them as a digital pioneer in the legal industry. The goal was to create a website that not only displays the firm’s expertise but also reflects their progressive and tech-savvy nature.


CreativeCom's collaboration with Grilica Law has resulted in a pioneering website, featuring a dynamic 3D model of Themis, the goddess of justice, symbolizing the firm's commitment to justice and innovation. The website offers a clear, user-friendly interface, prominently displaying the legal team's expertise, particularly in Crypto and Intellectual Property Law.

This website combines visual appeal with functionality, ensuring easy navigation and access to legal resources and insights. The 3D Themis model adds an interactive element, enhancing visitor engagement. CreativeCom's design successfully embodies Grilica Law's identity as a technologically advanced and forward-thinking legal firm, setting a new standard in digital excellence in the legal field.


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