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Lamborghini VR

Lamborghini VR is a unique and innovative virtual technology solution: an online museum of Lamborghini cars, accessible to visitors from all over the world at any time, using just a mobile device with internet access or a VR headset.


Virtual tour
Ux design
3d modeling
This project embodies a revolutionary approach to the study of car culture, providing limitless opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of iconic Lamborghini cars. We emphasize accessibility and convenience, allowing everyone to experience the history and achievements of this iconic brand.
Our team paid special attention to detail and realism: from the careful collection and structuring of information about each model and era to the development of high quality 3D models of the cars and virtual spaces. The final phase of the project - the creation of a web application that provides smooth and intuitive access to the exhibit via mobile devices or VR headsets - underscores our goal of making virtual art accessible and engaging to a wide audience.


The primary goal of this project was to aggregate all information about the Lamborghini brand in a single location, creating an online platform as an alternative to a physical museum through a dynamic web interface. The approach involved leveraging cutting-edge web technologies to deliver an exciting and interactive experience. Users were offered the opportunity to explore car specifications, learn about the history, and engage in a virtual test drive. The focus was on blending innovation with captivating online interaction, aiming to inspire potential buyers. The overall impact was geared towards attracting an audience, reinforcing brand loyalty, and positioning Lamborghini as a legendary name in the automotive market.

  • 7

    virtual locations

  • 24

    virtual cars

  • 45min

    average time spent in the museum



The main goal of this project was to introduce the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class model through a dynamic web platform. The approach involved using advanced web technologies to create an immersive and interactive experience. Users were given the opportunity to explore the car's features, customize details, and virtually test drive it. The focus was on blending innovation with engaging online interactions to inspire potential buyers. The overall impact aimed to captivate audiences, strengthen brand loyalty, and position the G-Class as a top choice in the automotive market.

  • 596

    Test drive registratio

  • 288

    Hours of work

  • 20%

    Brand Impressions


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